Press Release: Industry4Europe in action at the EU Industry Days 2019

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Brussels, 1 February - The Industry4Europe Coalition will be presented at the EU Industry Days through Partners taking part in panel discussions and locally hosted events.  Partners will drive discussion on the need for a coherent industrial strategy from the EU, with Industry4Europe Manifesto and supporting publications including Indicators and Governance.  The full agenda can be found Here.

Catch up with the following Coalition partners:

February 5, 16:15: “Energy Intensive Industries – Innovating for a sustainable future”

International Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers (IFIEC Europe) is focusing on bringing unique added value to one of the most important EU-led initiatives, namely the EU Commission’s Strategy for long-term EU greenhouse gas emissions reductions.  In order to have a realistic chance at achieving a decarbonised economy by 2050, it is important to promote the dialogue with energy intensive industries on this topic. As the backbone of the economy, their collaboration and strive for innovation is essential for the EU to succeed in climate change mitigation. More…

February 6, 12:00: “Manufacturing and 4.0 Skills”

The European Association of the Machine Tool Industries and Related Manufacturing Technologies (CECIMO) is bringing together EU Institutions, SME and large companies (including Google, Airbus and Siemens) to address issues that will impact the ‘future of work’.  Moderated by Daniel Michaels, Brussels Bureau Chief, Wall Street Journal, the workshop will address best practices and industry-led initiatives to support the development of transversal, technical and soft skills in society. More…

February 6, 10:00: “The Concrete Initiative Workshop - What can we learn from new trends in the construction sector?”

February 6, 1000: “The Concrete Initiative Workshop - What can we learn from new trends in the construction sector?”  The European Cement Association (CEMBUREAU) is hosting the workshop and examines the economic, social and environmental implications of sustainable construction and the need for a balanced approach among these three pillars. More…