Setting Indicators - For an Ambitious EU Industrial Strategy

Setting indicators

The aim of this Joint Paper is to propose a short list of indicators that can be used to both assess the health of the European industry and monitor the progress made by the EU on the implementation of its industrial strategy.

The selection and use of indicators should be a critical tool, designed to both highlight success points and reveal weaknesses that require remedial action through a revised strategy. The recommendation of the Industry4Europe coalition is that indicators have the primary mission to assess the performance of the EU as a whole and, whenever possible, in comparison to other geographical competitors in the world (China, US, Japan, South Korea, BRICS).

It is crucial for the EU to understand its position within the global market place and, as with above, individual indicators only paint a partial picture.

With rapidly emerging markets and competing countries such as China moving quickly into innovation spaces, the EU must design and implement long-term strategies
armed with full knowledge of how well those strategies are working.

This Joint Paper is the Industry4Europe coalition's contribution to enable a more grounded discussion on the establishment of an ambitious, practical and realistic EU industrial strategy.

The Joint Paper is available: here